Why Choose Indian IT and R&D ?

The Secret of Silicon Valley that Global Giants won’t disclose

What if one day you wake up and found out that one of the most innovative companies in the world the IBM,
having a leading number of patents is more Indian than American ?
listen to Author Nirmalya kumar in his Tedx uncovering the hidden secret of global giants that is
out there in plain sight yet hidden to believes.
Explore how Indian R&D is empowering businesses across the globe.

World’s fastest ever Green Card Program

There is no doubt that Japan is the most tech oriented nation in the world
with a civilization that loves technology.
Its now set to shake hands with the power of Indian IT and R&D
Read in details how Japan is planning to tackle it’s IT needs from India

감사합니다 Korea for giving us
World’s Biggest Cellphone factory

Moon Jae In inaugurated worlds largest cellphoen factory in India
at samsung Noida during his recent vsit and also looks
for 50 Billion $+ trade exchange.
India and Korea have jointly agreed to work mutually in IT and Iot exchange 
and guess what,best of the both worlds
Taekwondo and Yoga as well.

click to read in details

Welcome To India

The Land of CEOs, CTOs &, Global Leaders in Technology

  • Vinod Khosla

  • CEO,Sun Microsystem

  • Padmasree Warrior

  • CTO Motorola,cisco and NIO

  • Sundar Pichai

  • CEO,Google Inc.

  • Satya Nadella

  • CEO,Microsoft

  • Pranav Mistry

  • Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung

  • Shantanu Narayen

  • CEO,Adobe Systems

Still not convinced?

First nation to reach Mars in first attempt itself

And that too with a budget lesser than a Hollywood movie.
Indians have mastered space exploration on self developed
technology and are now global leaders in space market.
Click here to see how to put 104 satellite at once in space,a world record with Indians.

Ask Mother of Dragons

A very little known fact,one of the most epic recent characters from game of thrones 
were made by and Indian team of Animators and animation artists.
Read in detail here

Now is the only time you have between past and future

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